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Close up of Carved Eagles

Eastern Cedar

Eastern Cedar Stairs

Custom Made

Hand-Painted Rocker

close up view of Bear Rocker

Custom Carved Mail Posts and Signs

Custom Carved Mail Posts

Custom Stair Railings

Eastern Cedar

Woodworking Samples

Deer Oak Toilet Seat

Custom Carved Oak

Carved Turkey on Key holder box


Carved Cabin


Cedar Chest Lid

Custom Carved

Basket of Fruit

custom carved and hand painted

Custom Panels

Maya custom Panels

Carved Eagles

custom made

Carved Eagles

Local Eastern Cedar

Carved Eagle Scene

Custom Carving

Carved 3d Eagles

Bed Headboard Panel

Bench with Storage

Handpainted Scene

Bench with Storage

Carved and Handpainted bear and trout scene

Custom Carved Mail Posts

Small Bear Rockers

Hand painted

2d and 3d carved

Eastern Cedar Frame

Custom Made





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